Here's what students have to say about our teachers: 

I came to San Francisco over a year ago and the first person I met at that time was my lovely teacher Molly. She was the first person I talked to in the U.S.; I was scared of the new culture and how they would interact with me as a foreign student. She took my hand to write my first in name in English and she taught me how I could be calm when I didn’t know what people were doing by smiling and asking them gentle questions. At that time I was missing my family but I never felt with her that I was a student. She always told me that we are coming together to learn, you are learning in your second home with your sister. At this point I felt more confident and more active in my English learning abilities. Thanks Molly!
— Mohammad Almutairi, Saudi Arabia
I deal with many international small and large organisations on a daily basis; business communication is essential, it can make a real difference and determine whether you will close a deal or not. Sophie was professional and competent: she took the time to tailor the course to my needs, skills and expectations. She developed a highly-customised framework most adapted to my line of work and fine-tuned it along the way to obtain the best results. I was able to elevate my communication skills to a pro level in a short time, selecting what messages to convey but also how to convey them, choosing my vocabulary thoughtfully, adapting tone and rhetoric for audience and purpose, both verbally and in writing. The overall experience was excellent and it helped me in a number of different situations ranging across job interviews, performance evaluations and countless meetings; I strongly recommend her services.
— Alessandro Saraceni, Technology Harmonisation Engineer, European Space Agency
Sophie was my personal English teacher for 6 months in 2013. Based on an efficient methodology, she helped me to refine the structure of the language I was missing. Her work definitely helped to make the difference for a job opportunity I got in New York. She was really flexible and professional. I definitely recommend Sophie if you need a boost in your English professional skills
— Pierre Vigneron -BNP Paribas USA
Molly is an amazing teacher! I really like working with her and I really felt I improved my English. She used a lot of kinds of teaching like games or talking with a partner. I learned vocabulary and now I can write a story of 20 lines with no problem. With Molly I’m more independent in English and I can talk more easily with English people. A big thanks to her!
— May Marques, France
Sophie was my English trainer for several years. Her teaching skills, listening and kindness have been a real source of motivation for me to progress in English. I thank her for allowing me to enjoy her professional and human skills
— Alexandre Morin - EDF EN, France

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