Today's international business world demands competence, creativity and confidence. These skills are hard enough to master in your native language, and a huge challenge to anyone speaking English as a second language. Have a big presentation to give to a group of native speakers? Don't let your English keep you from making a big impression. With My English Coaches LLC, we'll help you find the language you need to express yourself clearly and confidently so you can reach your full potential.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: deliver high quality coaching to provide non-native speakers with the tools to achieve their potential in an English dominated business world. Our unique blend of fun and professional lessons given in an engaging atmosphere allows our students to compete, collaborate, and better advocate for themselves.

Community Classes

In addition to professional client services, My English Coaches LLC strives to make English accessible to everyone. That's why we're proud to offer free workshops to the local community. Whether they be resume writing classes for job seekers, or basic English grammar for immigrant parents, we aim to help foreigners improve their language skills so they can feel more at home in the community. If your organization is interested in hosting a Community Class, please contact us here.