Meet Our Coaches: 

Molly Jones

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I've travelled around the world; visited 15 countries; stood on 6 continents; lived in 3 countries and won't be finished exploring until I've reached space. I love to travel, read, learn languages, cook, and eat delicious food!

I began teaching English in Bolivia in 2008 to co-workers. I returned to teaching in 2010 when I moved to South Korea where I taught Academic English. In 2011 I spent some time working with small groups of Brazilian students in Salt Lake City Utah. In 2014 I started working at an international language school in the heart of San Francisco. 

 I prefer to teach with a communicative approach, using conversation based teaching to encourage students to use the vocabulary they already have. I've spent the last two years working with multicultural classrooms ranging from 1-20 adult students. I've developed class specific program manuals, conducted monthly courses to explicit curriculum, and have led many interesting and unique English courses and teacher development workshops like: English Through Yoga, English Through Film, and English Through San Francisco (a guided tour). I am looking forward to continuing working with passionate English language students!

  • BA in International Studies, University of Utah
  • BA in Political Science, University of Utah
  • CELTA Certificate, St. Giles International School

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Nora Mitchell

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Learning about language and culture has been a lifelong passion of mine. After graduating from UC Berkeley, I moved to France and worked in banking. Upon my return to the states I worked for 12 years in high-tech marketing and website management. I then spent 13 years leading non-profits focused on youth. After 25 years behind a computer I found it was time to step away and work face-to-face with people. I discovered teaching English is ideal as it ties my love of language and culture with my business and communication skills.  

When I first started teaching English I taught Japanese professionals working in Silicon Valley. I sympathized with their frustration at not being able to speak nearly as well as they could read and write; I’d lived through that exact experience myself.  I quickly found my niche—teaching business English with a focus on accent reduction and oral communication skills.

I’ve been teaching business English one-on-one since July 2014. In October 2015, I joined an intensive English school in San Francisco to round out my experience, teaching students from around the world and at all levels; and continued to teach privately as well. I find that being able to draw from my professional experiences—both overseas and in the U.S.—has enabled me to help my students learn English to improve their educational and professional prospects.

  • BA French Language and History, U.C. Berkeley
  • TESL certificate, U.C. Berkeley Extension
  • MA TESOL, University of San Francisco

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Sophie Lawson

I've been teaching English as a second language since 2008, with a focus on English for professionals. I lived in Paris for 5 years where I taught at a private business school and became the head teacher after one year. I was responsible for corporate clients as well as designing content and lesson plans. 

I am passionate about teaching and watching my students grow and improve with each class. I absolutely love teaching grammar (no, really!) and believe that the key to success is making lessons fun. For me, the most rewarding moment is when a student has that "ah-ha!" moment and finally understands something that they've struggled with for years.

Over the years I've learned to adapt to my students' needs to be able to provide them with the absolute best methods suited to their particular learning style. In addition, I strive to make each class relevant by tying the lesson into their daily and professional lives.

I'm confident that with my experience, enthusiasm and compassion I can help you achieve your English goals!

  • BA in English, UC Berkeley
  • TESOL/TESL Certificate, Oxford Seminars

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